Susan Louise

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  • Thirty-five year career as a writer/editor and proposal manager, author of two books (most recent, a memoir called Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from the Child Savers. Also worked as a newpaper and magazine editor/blogger and a content/copy writer for business development and marketing. Write poetry and music lyrics. I live in the country where its peaceful and nature can inspire me.... The Potter I will shape this poem like a potter shapes his bowl, like our Father shapes us, too, into something truly bold, into something strong and free, into something we could never be without the gifts he gives to us of love and true forgiveness. Jesus if you stay by me and help me heed the call, when I have a job to do, together, we’ll stand tall. Help me bravely fight in battle. Help me swim when floods arise. Help me be the one who will, for others, sacrifice. Jesus, you gave all for us I’ll gladly follow with my trust in you because I’d surely fail when hit with the first gusty gale. With your strength and wisdom, too, I’ll work until the job is through. My goal is not to disappoint, but boldly move when you anoint.
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